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Human Investments (HI)

Education is a human investment which can be far more effective than the present government revenue cycle.   It can both enable young people from all backgrounds into careers as entrepreneurs and innovators in the present edge technologies and enable adults to start new careers using the same tools for hands-on innovation.  

The term, "human investments" is a way of looking at all areas of human action with an eye for creating stability with flexible opportunity for everyone.  

Pebble is a tool for enabling learning for everyone, starting with Middle School, High School, College, and adults who want to change the direction of their lives by becoming Real Clients, Mentors, and Sponsors for classes of young people in Task Teams to solve real problems.  Students learn the fundaments better, more completely, and memorably with hands-on, strategic and tactical challenges.    

If you are considering new business development of an improvement in youe commu nity become a Real Client.  If you want to change your career consider becoming a Mentor. If you would like to provide materials or money or time to students and mentors to satisfy a challenge, business or civic by a real client, you, too, can be rewarded later in a knowledge transfer agreement.  You will never be bored, often challenged, and find rewards in being a part of the excitement of seeing young people opening up to their own power for action and innovation.  

Visit Human Investments, an organization dedicated to these concepts in a growing number of applications.