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Mr. d'Avignon's Past Projects
- Including Project Based Learning

Some of the projects on the list below are still in process, inventions awaiting patents, part of other projects, or can be used as projects for Projects.  We are also compiling a list of projects which will work for linked learning and $15,000 grants for collaboration between Career Technical Education (CTE) teachers  and 'core' teachers in California.  

       52 PhoneVoter TV & Digital Networks: (sponsor phase) ARTisTVision Buyers Network, Health-TV, Charity Racing - See Freedom TV Networks

       Worldwide Diploma Satellite TV with Distant Learning grades 7-20 to Real Client CEO Project Based Learning in affiliate with World Mentoring Academy

   Cause-Marketing Big Data (Presidential Candidates’ 1:1 Debate Tournament) to 517 Newsprint Niches Smorgasbord

    Theme Parks: TeenAge Worlds Fair, Themed Restaurants, Native American World Trade & Cultural Centers  

      California Aerospace Grand Tours to California History 1845-1850 Tourism to A Major Production Screenplays

    eCommerce: In-Store Find-It Map Kiosks to Downtown Shopping PhoneApps to Roadside Rescue Repair RRR 

     Engineering Proposals: $760M wins in AeroSpace UAVs to Asteroid Detection, Deflection, Development ADDD, the website is Earth Path Defense.   Space Property-title & Asteroid Resources Consortium STARCO  

   Oceanic Pizzahedron Structures to Hydrolance Ships to Railway Aqueducts to SAVIATION bird deflectors for jets

        Real Estate: Bonanza Size Ranches for Sale.

    Percentage As You Earn (%AYE) Financed: Mortgages, Tuition-Debt, Farm Equipment, Vehicle Credit

        Health Portal - Mutual Insurance,  %AYE Finansurance to provide
 Medical Care for ALL in the Free-Market as well as new member health