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Daniel Brake d'Avignon
Below are Brock's academic credentials.  But what makes him unique is experience with every aspect of linking education to real life.  See those stories HERE.


Formal Credentials:

California Credentialed Teacher in 
Industrial Arts, Technology Education, Social Sciences
15 years Teaching experience in:
  • Classrooms
  • Full Curriculum Grades 6-12
  • Computer Distant Learning
  • Independent Studies
  • Alternative Education
  • Court & Community Schools
  • Career Advisor to 3,000 students
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Curriculum Developer
Real Client Project Based Learning Teacher with Mentors and Sponsors

Principal Among Teachers of the private Greater Sacramento Independent Study School, Inc. as a 4-year demonstration computer distant learning school in the state’s capitol.

 Beta test sited  Desert Sands Charter High Schools for the Scantron Performance Series Tutoring Program identifying missed standards, gap-filling , and college entrance exam preparation. Still in effect 2003-Present

Created the popular prototype website add-on Youth Organizations Directory for teens within a 100-mile radius of a school (see Directory)

Led the 2004 nationwide Internet campaign for the  “Real Graduation Data Rate Compact” signed by all 50 states governors mandating State Superintendents publish honest 9th-12th grade entry-exit statistics; instead of dishonest 5% drop-out rate based on 12th-12th entry-exit, hiding a 33% drop-out rate most places.      This opened up popular understanding that public education needs alternative types of schooling and education.

Authored the Nationwide Charter School Bill of Rights with the Executive Director of the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) to modify the monopoly-minded terms  of their hostile “Principles of Quality Charter School Authorizing”.
Co-founded the Mojave High School  Aerospace & Engineering Academy.
Classes taught in classrooms on contract in public schools for 9 years include:
        Industrial Arts, Discovery Lab, Computer
Aided Design I&II, Construction I&II, Woodworking 1&II, Metalworking I,
       Computer Repair & Recycling Entrepreneurial Education, Video Production and Editing, Adobe Photoshop,
      Economics, Civics, World History, US History
Classes Taught in classrooms on State Authorizations based on academic background:       
      Physical Earth & Space Science, Geometry, College Preparatory Math (CPM) Algebra 1, Algebra Readiness,
      Business Math, English 9 &10, English as a Second Language (ESL), Health.

   Classes taught in Independent Study & Distant Learning: ALL grades 7-12 ALL subjects; 6 years

      Created Scantron beta test site tutoring program; Math Labs, Science Labs, Social Science Map rooms.

• Private and parochial teaching in classrooms, distant learning, and enrichment courses; 4 years part-time
•    Career Advisor to 3,000 students promoting scholarships, internships, awards, grants, and contests; 4 years part-time

• Co-founded an Aerospace and Engineering Academy, oriented all curriculums for entering 9th & 10th grades

• Substituting in County, Court & Community, & conventional school classrooms including lockdown jail high schools, 
self-contained Alternative Education programs, Pregnant Minor Programs. 3 years
• d'Avignon's students work with major policy makers and CEOs to create technical development projects over a decade:

Asteroid Detection, Deflection, & Development; Central Asia & USA water pipeline architecture; CAD leg-protected motorcycles;
Quality Immortality; YouTube episodics “Rancho 911” 200k hits in 2007…to global viral successes 2013.

Handled geo-political research  for approval of 3 charter schools in CA including the 2nd county-wide charter in California (Ventura)

15 years Employment as a Teacher, Career Advisor, and Principal Among Teachers:

School Districts taught for Full-Time On Contract: Palmdale USD, Antelope Valley Union HSD, Kern County SOS, Mojave USD, Desert Sands Charter High Schools, Trinity USD, Washington USD, Folsom-Cordova USD, Salinas Union HSD.

School Districts taught for part-time: Los Angeles COE, Southern Kern USD, Keppel USD, Tehachapi USD, West Valley USD, Santa Clara COE, Monterey Peninsula USD, Vacaville USD 60% FT contract.
Parochial: Paraclete High School of the Los Angeles Archdiocese: World History, World History AP prep, Physical Education.

Private: Bear Valley Private School, Greater Sacramento Independent Study School, Inc.: Full Curriculum 6-12