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Mr. d'Avignon's Teaching Resume

Daniel Brake "Brock" d'Avignon             16 Years Teaching Experience   
State of California Clear Professional Single Subjects Credentialed Teacher in Secondary Education with Cross-Cultural, Language and Academic Development (CLAD) Certificate

Credentialed after 45 graduate credits from Chapman University by the California Teacher Credentialing Commission in:

       Social Sciences passing the National Education Service PRAXIS test scoring in top domains in 5 of 6 Social Sciences Industrial Arts & Technology Education based on over 100 collegiate credits in Communications

       6 years experience in teaching the full curriculum of grades 7-12 in Independent Studies (IS)
Past annual classroom State Authorizations teaching full-time: English 9 & 10, Physical & Space Sciences, Health, Business Math, Algebra I, and Geometry

     Trained in College Preparatory Math (CPM); Real Client Project Based Learning; Community Based Learning (CBL); Career Technology Education (CTE)  Linked Learning, Brain-Based Learning Institute techniques; SDAIE techniques

        (During  CTC search see full name as Daniel Brake d*Avignon, with an asterisk if need be)