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Human Investments - Our Values

Ethics, principles, standards for our behavior, are values which determine how live our lives.  Honesty, justice, kindness, a concern for others, are values you will encounter here.  How we achieve our goals, are

  Pebble Teacher Development Consultants on: 

  • Real Client Project Based Learning (RC-PBL) where students learn course's fundamentals while solving problems for or proposed to CEOs and Nationwide or International Leaders
  •              110 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Media) PBL projects small, medium, large, colossal for New Business Development proposals in varying levels of student research, problem-based learning, and critical thinking in real world problems that can be solved in an authentic environments, face-to-face brain-storming, and classroom task team interaction.

  • Community Project Based Learning (C-PBL) with local business & civic leaders 
                California Linked Learning Project Based Learning (CLL-PBL) supporting $15,000 grants for Hands-On PBL collaboration between Career Technology Education teachers and core teachers

  • How to train high school, middle school, and elementary teachers and principals to do PBL Knowledge/Technology Transfer Agreements with clients, charities, mentors, and sponsors; so students, teachers, and schools are rewarded if money is made from their lightning bolts of inspiration, dogged research, and original thinking -- even years later.

  • Place Based Learning field trips, creating tours for commercial enterprises to prompt work in ALL classrooms, shop classes, and or collaborative Linked Learning classes in task teams. California Republic History Tours, AeroSpace Grand Tours, OtherWhen Grand Tours, Schools in Museums, Researching Narratives for Touchscreen Museum Displaycases 

Founder and Inspiration:
Daniel Brake d'Avignon

Mr d'Avignon chose teaching as a second career, excited by the unfulfilled potential our children hold for changing the world.  

Mr. d'Avignon, himself, designed the first handicapped van transport in 1972 and launched what today we take for granted.  He was moved by the isolation and depression then experienced by those then known as 'shut-ins.'  

His Real Client Projects carried out over the last nearly two decades have resulted in similar advances for serving the public and building new businesses.  

More on Mr. d'Avignon