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Our goal is empowering America's kids by linking learning to real-life experiences with real clients, mentors, and sponsors; which solve problems - fast tracking them as entrepreneurs for the Twenty-First Century.  Not so very long ago 80% of Americans were small business owners, entrepreneusses and entrepreneurs, women and men who were the heart of America's economy.  Today, 80% are dependent on jobs and expect to spend their lives working for some else.  

Technology/Knowledge Transfer Agreements ensure that students' time, teachers leadership and schools' tools are rewarded if money or stock results, even years later.  Former students think of this as an investment in real-life experience and the potential for more.  It can be a transformational experience. Students enter an adulthood otherwise denied them for years.   

The idea young people, old people, anyone can take control of their future is exciting and creates real hope for the future.  

In the developing world 85% are small business owners. 

It may surprise you to find out a free market can, and will, adapt itself to the values you bring to your enterprise.  Starting with the right values makes a caring world possible.  You can explore why this is here, by reading about how America came into being and what went wrong.  

If you are a student, a teacher, an administrator, a parent, or looking for answers, you can find them here.   Our focus is not talk, but action.  Right now, as you read this, we have 110 projects for CEOs and civil leaders that your students and teachers can participate in - or lead.  
Welcome to Pebble, and to a journey of discovery and growth which can change our world and the future we will share.  Contact us today.  

A pebble sent across the water sends out ripples which can change our world.  

What You Find Here

Training proven to provide kids with the following:
                                    An integrated understanding for becoming successful entrepreneurs, 

                                    Widening their understanding of technologies now reshaping our world.

                                    Placing in the hands of our young people the skills needed to see themselves as
                                         competent, capable and able to answer their own questions. 

For Teachers:  The means to deliver the above and also augment your own credentials through an earned
                           Masters Degree.